REVIEW: Turkey Feast by WHSmith

£3.45 – Turkey breast & sweet cured bacon with pork, sage & onion stuffing, mayonnaise & cranberry sauce on malted brown bread

How are Smiths still around? Who’s buying magazines? Or even more ludicrous – newspapers? It’s the rolling news era – guesswork, assumptions and minimal actual details are what we want from our news. Coupled with idiot comments, opinions and replies. I never think of Smiths for sandwiches. A free bottle of water when you buy a newspaper and then leave the newspaper on the shelf before catching a train? Sure, but no sandwiches. Wait, that’s how they are keeping newspaper sales up! *mind blows*

Before anyone gets clever with the date on the packet of this sandwich, yes this was written and eaten yesterday, so shut up. And I’m sick of this so let’s crack on.

This sandwich has a good flavour, but it is quite mushy. Do you remember fish paste sandwiches in the 80s? Do you like Peter Kay routines? Well this sandwich has a texture like that, but with a bit of chewy bacon in there as well. Have they created Christmas paste? Should I be creating and marketing Christmas paste? Because it sounds awesome. But it isn’t. And just like that, I’m back to not thinking about Smiths for sandwiches.

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