REVIEW: Turkey & Trimmings by Co-Op (2017)

£2.95 – Cooked turkey breast, pork, sage and onion stuffing, cranberry sauce, mayonnaise, smoked bacon and fried onions on malted bread.

Did you all miss me yesterday? Did you think I’d given up on the sandwich blog like previous years? Well fear not my feathered friends, it was just a case of being too busy and when I did have a window of opportunity to go get a sandwich it was absolutely pissing it down and very windy. Do I want to go out in that weather just to get a sandwich that tastes exactly the same as one from last year? Of course not, I stayed in the warm, dry house. But today is another day! A freezing but sunny day, so I have performed my duties masters, please read on.

Today it’s the Co-Op, with Turkey & Trimmings. Like last year. More ghosts of the Sandwiches of Christmas Past. But OwO what’s this? It looks slightly different. 15p more expensive thanks to our wonderful Brexit voters, but it also has fried onions. And they’ve written mayonnaise on the ingredients, not mayo. Someone at Co-Op has been reading and understands my autistic moaning. So, will the 15p worth of fried onions make all the difference? Will it bring back a renewed sense of purpose for the world famous Christmas Sandwich and Lunchtime Errand Blog? HOLD ON TO YOUR CHRISTMAS AND /OR OTHER NON-DENOMINATIONAL HATS.

Well, I have to say those onions do make a big difference! This sandwich has a nice crunch to it and as a big fan of onions I like the added flavour. And unlike last year, the cranberry sauce has tons more flavor and makes an impact.  This is all going great. The blog will live again! Buuuut…the bacon is nowhere near as smoky as last year. Whyyyyyyyyyy? This is a bitter sweet moment for me, the onions and cranberry are a big improvement on last year, and this sandwich was already in the top 3 then. But I love smoky bacon and it’s a real shame to see its decline. Still, it’s one of the best yet and worth your time, but just not as good as the glory years. Let’s hope they get it right next year and have a winner on their hands.

And finally, yes I did get the 2 mini pork & cranberry pies again.

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