REVIEW: Turkey & Trimmings by Co-op

£2.80 – Turkey, cranberry sauce, smoked bacon, stuffing, mayo, malted bread.

I live in between two high streets and having exhausted one of their Christmas sandwiches, my never ending quest has sent me to the other high street.And what a let down! The Tesco Express has no Christmas sandwiches at all. I tried Percy Ingle and they don’t even have sandwiches so I ended up going to almost the very end of the high street and the Co-op. It might be the end of the line for the blog unless I do something drastic next week, like get a tube one stop to the big Tescos or two stops to Asdas.

Co-op had two sandwiches I had to decide between – Turkey & Trimmings or the Boxing Day Lunch. Solid naming in the Co-op sandwich department! But it always had to be the Turkey & Trimmings. And I got this one in a meal deal with a couple of cheeky pies.

So, the plastic bags in the Co-op are clear and see-through. Why is this worth mentioning? Well because just before my sandwich patrol I had been to the gym for an insanely sweaty but not very successful workout due the amount of red wine I had drunk the night before. And on my very long walk home I bumped into the owner of the gym, who had just witnessed the pathetic fat mess in his establishment, and there in my hand for all to see is a Christmas sandwich and two pies. Easy money for him I guess!

Now I am a bit hungover and have just been to the gym which may affect this review, as my hunger levels are all over the place. The first thing I noticed when I opened it was that it smells great. The first bite smacks you in the face with just how smoky that bacon is. Smokier than a punch from a kangaroo called Smokin’ Joe Frazier. Good mayo as well (trendy wankers, it’s mayonnaise to me, and it’s coleslaw, not slaw, grow up). The cranberry sauce is a bit lost in there, but some of you strange people who don’t mix sweet and savoury might like that. In fact this is great, right up there with the best. If there’s a Co-op near you, go try one. Co-op you little beauty!

Oh and if you want to know what the pies were like, please visit the ALL NEW CHRISTMAS PIE REVIEW VIDEO BLOG.


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