img_8498£3.20 – Turkey breast, pork and chestnut stuffing with cranberry, port and orange chutney, mayonnaise, spinach and bacon in sliced malted bread.

The readers of this blog who comment on Facebook are becoming increasingly demanding, telling me where to go next and what to review. Tugging on the chain in my nose to make me entertain them through a lunch break. I am not your dancing bear!  But yesterday the Waitrose sandwich was described in the comments as ‘perfect’. Well, I had to put that to the test.

My nearest Waitrose is just that little too far to walk there and back and write a review on a lunch break, so I got up early this morning and trudged down there before work. And it rained on the way back. And I didn’t really like the last Christmas sandwich that I had from Waitrose. So this has got everything going against it.

So how is the perfect sandwich? Is it better than their 2013 spinach-fest? Well the first bite is pretty average to be honest. Why would you say it’s perfect? But with the second bite, I got hit of port and orange chutney, and it was good. Then the next bite some cranberry, then the next chestnut stuffing, which is very good. And not once a mouthful that was just spinach! Somehow it is tasting different with every mouthful, and it’s really good. Especially that port and orange chutney, another hit of that really boosted this sandwich. While it certainly wasn’t love at first bite (thank you), this sandwich is a grower and you should seek it out. I wouldn’t call it perfection, but it’s one of the best this year.