REVIEW: Turkey Dinner by Asda

£2.17 – Malted bread with turkey breast, Cumberland pork sausage in beef casing, pork, sage and onion stuffing and port sauce, seasoned mayonnaise and smoke flavour bacon.

Or to give the sandwich it’s full name “Have a Classic Christmas Turkey Dinner” (well that’s how it reads to me on the box).

In the last review, I mentioned that I was running out of sandwich places. Well today’s sandwich was purchased at the Burgh Heath Asda on Saturday and carefully transported back to East London, just so you people can have another mildly amusing lunch time distraction to keep you going. How far will I travel for tomorrow’s sandwich? Stay tuned.

Go over the ingredients again. Why is the pork sausage in beef casing? Why is the bacon smoke flavoured and not just smoked? Why did they start their list with the bread first? So many questions Asda. I want a sandwich, not a riddle, wrapped in a mystery, inside malted bread. And should it be called Turkey Dinner if I’m having it for my lunch? Yeah that’s right, we use the proper meal terms on this blog. Deal with it.

But what does the two day old but still in date well traveled pre-packaged sandwich taste like?

Pretty average. There is nothing wrong with it, but nothing to get excited about either. It’s pretty well balanced, the bacon and the port sauce coming through nicely, but there’s just nothing to make it extraordinary. If you have only an Asda near you, or you only have £2.20 in your pocket, and you really fancy a Christmas sandwich, then it’s great. But when you’ve been eating a Christmas sandwich every day for two weeks, it’s nothing special compared to some of the other options out there.

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