REVIEW: Pret’s Christmas Lunch by Pret

img_8440Free-Range Turkey,  Pret’s Crumbly Pork Stuffing, Crispy Onions, Spinach, Cranberry & Port Sauce, Mayo, Seasoning.

I’m on a rare trip to the office, so I will be eating two sandwiches that people keep asking for (seriously!) that I can’t get where I live. Yes I am about to eat two sandwiches, such is my dedication to you, dear readers (that is a ridiculously 90s Beano/games journalist way of ending a sentence – Ed.). But you’ll have to wait until tomorrow for the other one. I’m stretching this shit out.

So today we start with Pret. And the list of ingredients immediately sets off alarm bells as that crumbly stuffing and crispy onion ruined my keyboard 3 years ago. I had to change jobs! They have gone for a Christmas jumper feel with the packaging. Remember the other year when ‘Aztec’ patterns on jumpers were in? But it just looked like people were still wearing Christmas jumpers in January so it quickly died off. It looks a bit like that. Pret are also giving 50p per sandwich to help the homeless, pissing all over M&S and their 16p. Take that! BUT WHAT DOES IT TASTE LIKE?

It’s happened again! The sandwich just fell apart in my very hands! But I was ready and had the box underneath to catch everything. I have learned and grown. Now this is a good sandwich, I like the crispy onions, they stop it from being a load of mush because as usual Pret is heavy on the mayo and cranberry sauce. Flavour wise it’s very good. Even though there is a lot of bloody spinach, it doesn’t overpower everything like it normally does, instead it compliments the sweet sauce and the great savoury hit of that stuffing and seasoning. And I didn’t even realise there is no bacon until I rechecked the ingredient list. Very well balanced, a strong contender from Pret this year.


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