REVIEW: Christmas Lunch by Pret (2013)

Free-Range British Turkey, Pork Rosemary & Apricot Stuffing, Cranberry & Port Sauce, Crispy Onions, Mayo, Leaf Spinach, Pret Seasoning, Wholegrain Malted Bread.


Such is my enthusiasm for the sandwich blog this year that I completely forgot to look at the price of this sandwich as I rushed in and out of Pret to get this over with. Watch out for an important update with the price later! But even though I don’t know how much it cost, we can rest easy knowing that 5p of the mystery amount is going to help the homeless.

On first impressions, it looks exactly the same as last year. But read those ingredients again. Not wanting to be outdone by Greggs adding fancier things to their sandwich, the Pret sandwich now has rosemary and apricot in the stuffing, port in the cranberry sauce, road signs indoors and an alligator with sunglasses. Now I’ve seen everything!

“But what does it taste like?” I hear the internet cry out. Well, it’s a big of a soggy mess with some crunch from the onions and it is all overwhelmed by the cranberry sauce. I may as well be eating a jam sandwich. And that rosemary and apricot in the stuffing? That seems to have made it very crumbly so it spills out of the sandwich onto your desk and lap. And not just a little bit, it looks like someone has murdered a packet of biscuits on my desk. PLEASE SEND HELP.

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