Sandwich #1: Christmas Lunch by Pret

£3.50 – Roasted turkey, cranberry sauce, turkey sausage stuffing, crispy onions, spinach, mayo, Pret’s seasoning, granary bread.


We’re kicking things off with Pret, mainly because it is opposite work. At university, we used to joke about Pret’s expensive fancy sandwiches made from unicorn and avacado chutney. 10 years later they don’t seem so fancy when you are forcing one down your face at your desk in an office like you do every day.

So we have a slight twist on the usual shop bought Christmas sandwich here as there is no bacon (on the website it is billed as Pret’s Holiday Lunch, which might explain that). Instead there is turkey sausage stuffing and crispy onions, in an attempt to keep it fancy, and they have also shoved in spinach like they do with every sandwich they make and “Pret’s seasoning”, which must be the stuff that makes all of their sandwiches taste the same despite having completely different fillings (with spinach).

The package has the usual “No ‘sell-by’ date, no nightlife label” but there is refreshing lack of crap about ‘no nasty things’ in their food or what a loving company this McDonald’s owned franchise is. Instead most of the packaging is reminding you that 5p from this sandwich has been donated to the homeless. And it wouldn’t be Christmas if you didn’t briefly think about those worse off than you before shoving more food in your mouth, so they have got that part of Christmas nailed. Out of the packet, the sandwich itself looks the same as every other Pret sandwich – grey, green and red in some bread.

This sandwich has one thing saving it from tasting like every other Pret sandwich – that stuffing and crispy onion combo. In fact the onion gives it a very satisfying crunch in amongst the usual Pret mush of mayo and overwhelming cranberry. But without the onions and stuffing, this would taste exactly the same as the ham and dodo egg bloomer (with platinum mustard) or the dolphin with jasmine mayo baguette.

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