REVIEW: Very Merry Christmas Lunch by Pret

£3.50 – Grilled carrots, crispy onions and baby spinach with our festive vegan stuffing and port & orange cranberry sauce. Finished with caramelised pecans for an added Christmas crunch.

We’re back to the regular weekday schedule! So since last year, I got a new job and I am no longer chilling out in my pants working from home. I am now in London’s London Bridge area in London, so there is an abundance of sandwich options, including all of the favourites that you beg for every year, including today’sentry – Pret. It was absolutely pissing down when I wanted to go out and I initially ran over the road to Nero but they had nothing that qualified to the official Christmas Sandwich REview guidelines that are stored entirely in my head,  so I went into the station to Pret. As I said before because everywhere does exactly the same sandwich every year and I’m doing this for free for some stupid reason and it’s a boring slog by the end of the month, this year my priorities are the vegan option, then the veggie option, then the normal human option. And today Pret that their vegan option. Hooray…I guess.

Such was my excitement about all of this, I forgot to take a photo before I started eating it, so here is your photo. A thousand apologies, masters.

So, what is a vegan Christmas sandwich like? The answer is…okay. The festive vegan stuffing is very much like mush, and a tasty mush, but it’s no proper stuffing. And I like carrots, but they’re no turkey. Although I think I’d rather have carrots than some vegan thing pretending to be turkey. I guess the overall verdict really is that it’s okay, nothing special. And that’s how it’s going to be for a whole month for me now, isn’t it? Eat the same sandwich as last year or a perfectly average veggie alternative. More thrilling reading ahead.

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