REVIEW: Deluxe Festive Feast by Subway

£6.20 (12 inch) – Butter marinated turkey breast, bacon and cranberry sauce

Today’s review is a bit late because I had a meeting scheduled over lunch, and then had some self-service machine shenanigans in the Post Office. I use the machines because the queue for humans is always full of old ladies taking a very long time to do not very much, but my self-service bad luck continued when the machine crashed just after I’d paid to send something quite expensive via special delivery, leaving me with no actual proof that I’d sent it. Joy of joys! The post office lady told me it would reset and print the receipts in about 10 minutes, so off I went to Subway, which is opposite.

The Subway around my way is new. Very new. I only learned it was there on the 3rd November when Subway sent out enough points for a free sandwich because it was World Sandwich Day and when I went on the website to find the nearest shop, it turned out it was only 5 minutes away. “No it isn’t!” I thought, as I had walked along that street only a few days ago. But I was very drunk then, and must’ve seen and instantly forgotten it because it was true, it did exist.

Subway are doing two Festive Feast sandwiches this year. The Classic Fest which has wafer thin turkey breast, sausage, bacon and cranberry sauce or the Deluxe Feast, which has chunks of butter marinated turkey breast, bacon and cranberry sauce. They have certainly upped their game since my last Subway review which was 5 years ago!

I’ve noticed every time I walk past this shop, the Deluxe Feast has a permanent Sold Out sign over it, so assumed they weren’t doing it at all. So imagine my shock when I asked for the Classic Feast and the fella dished up a Deluxe Feast! Although he wasn’t sure what was meant to go in it and kept looking at the poster for coaching and mentoring, so did he actually put butter marinated turkey breast in the sandwich? Or was it just chicken? A thrilling mystery to solve with my mouth! I went for honey oat bread and also threw in some lettuce because you have to add something. Oh and there was cheese because of my Pavlovian response to “Cheese and toasted?”

But before I could find out what the hell I actually had wrapped up and hanging from my tiny hands, I had to go back to the Post Office where to the surprise of no one, my receipts hadn’t surfaced and I had to wait as the whole process was done again manually the old fashioned way, my sandwich enigma turning over in my mind the whole time.

So now I am home and I can report that I think the mystery meat is the butter marinated turkey. It was very soft and buttery at the very least. And I’m happy to report that the sandwich overall is pretty good. The moist turkey and bacon make it nice and meaty, and the cranberry sauce is a bit ‘popped in Happy Shopper on Christmas day because I forgot to buy any’ but still sits well. And that’s the extent of the Christmas ingredients really. I guess Subway haters will say it tastes the same as all Subway because of the bread, and it does. But I don’t care, I like Subway, so shut up.

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