The 2016 International Christmas Sandwich Review Blog Awards

Well the fun is over. And I think it’s fair to call the blog international now, look at these stats for December:


Thank you everyone!

Now, because millennials who grew up with Labour government sports days where every one is a winner might be using this sandwich blog as a safe space, this year I will not be ranking the sandwiches, but granting every sandwich an award so no one gets left out.

Trigger warning: contains bread.

Best Overall Sandwich:

Winner: Festive Full Works Bloomer by EAT

Runner up: Waitrose Christmas Turkey, Stuffing & Bacon by Waitrose

Least Original Sandwich Name:

Winner: Turkey Feast by Sainsbury’sTurkey Feast by M&SBritish Turkey Feast by Costa (tied)

Runner up: Turkey & Trimmings by Co-opTurkey & Trimmings by Tesco (tied)

Smokiest Bacon Award:

Turkey & Trimmings by Co-op

Trying Too Hard Award:

Turkey and Maple Bacon by Starbucks

The Popeye Award for Too Much Fucking Spinach:

Turkey Feast by Sainsbury’s

The “It Doesn’t Look Like The Photo” Award:

Christmas Lunch Toastie by Greggs

The “I Can’t Believe It’s Not Bacon” Award:

Pret’s Christmas Lunch by Pret

Longest Distance Traveled:

Turkey Dinner by Asda (48 miles)

The “Might Have Won If It Was A Sandwich” Award:

Christmas Turkey Wrap by M&S

Most Shameless Attempt to Cash in on Christmas:

The Colonel’s Christmas Burger by KFC

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