10 Easter Eggs you DIDN’T see in Universal’s Hop

Do you remember Universal’s animated feature film Hop which was probably about the Easter Bunny? No we didn’t see it either. But if you had, here are 10 easter eggs you may have missed.

10. The Empire Hops Back

One scene in the film is a shot for shot remake of the famous training montage scene from Star Wars II: The Empire Strikes Back. In that scene, Luke Skywalker was put through a grueling training regime to prepare him to become a Jedi with a Yoda on his back. This screenshot found using Google image search suggests something similar may have happened in Hop.


9. The Eggs-Men

Yes, you probably noticed in the last entry that the bunny is riding on the back of Cyclops from the X-men films. But that’s not the only superhero film that James Marsden has appeared in. He was also in Superman Returns, which  featured an emo Superman and no fighting whatsoever for some reason. He was also in Saved By The Bell: The New Class, according to Wikipedia.

Film Title: Hop

8. A Egg

Did you notice this egg when you first watched hop? Me neither!


7. Another Egg



6. Egg

Holy shit, another egg!


5. Egg

Whoa check out that egg!


4. Egg

What? Another egg?


3. Egg

There are almost too many eggs in this scene.


2. Egg

Fuck there are more eggs behind him!


1. Egg

They’re in the foreground as well?! I’m going for a lie down.