Sunday Brain Dump 24 Oct 2021

Whoops, I missed a Friday again but at least it’s only two days later this time. I’ve actually been pretty busy with work for once and winding down in the evenings on the Xbox rather than trying to write my boring blog. I was going to write this on Saturday but in the morning I shaved 43 seconds off of my Park Run personal best, which was pretty hard work, and then I was out and about in Tooting getting a haircut and getting things done. When I got back, I was shattered! I was even nodding off on the sofa in the afternoon watching Star Wars Visions, so I must’ve been knackered because I never sleep during the day, that’s what midnight until 7am is for.

So here we are, on a lazy Sunday with the football on the telly (Spurs just lost lol). So what’s been happening?

Pulp Detective

Last weekend, the missus was away for most of it so I made a lot of plans for the Saturday – go chill out in a floating tank again and then watch some wrestling, play a solo card game I’ve been meaning to play, play some Xbox, do some drawing, basically do whatever the hell I want! So I went floating, watched some wrestling and then played the card game… from about 3pm to 10pm.

It’s called Pulp Detective and it appealed to me because all of the cards feature vintage pulp magazine covers. You play the role of a detective solving a crime by using cards and dice and it’s pretty fun, but also very hard. I solved the first case and hunted down the criminal, but then I went on possibly the unluckiest dice rolling streak in human history and so ended up playing it for about seven hours (with an hour break to batch cook my dinner and lunches for the next few days). It takes about 30 mins to play and it was very much a case of ‘I’ll win on the next go’ and then I lose again, so I’d start all over again. My complete inability to stop such compulsive behaviour is one of the reasons I don’t really gamble – I’d be broke! Nevertheless, it was fun but probably a bit mental now I look back. I did finally win and then I went to bed.


It’s okay though, because I pulled myself away from the kitchen table on Sunday to go for a long run and then head into London to meet up with a friend for some art. We went to the Tate Modern to see In Love With the World by Anicka Yi, which is a collection of floating ‘creatures’ flying around the main turbine hall and they’re great. It’s free, so go check it out if you can (you have to book though). If you were so inclined, you could spend a lot of time in there just watching them, it would be quite relaxing.

But we had other plans! First, off to Borough Market where most of the hot food places are closed on a Sunday, which was news to me, and then over to the Royal Academy for the Summer Exhibition which is a pretty huge collection of art and pretty much all of it is for sale, and some of it fairly affordable. I didn’t buy anything though. We were in there for about an hour and I kept my mask on as it seemed to be the done thing in there, but man does a mask get sweaty and full of hot breath after an hour. Apart from wearing it on public transport and in the supermarket, it all seems to be getting fairly lax lately. Even my barbers has given up on it all (except a temperature check on the way in) but with cases going up I have no idea what’s going to happen. Surely Boris can’t cocked it all again, right? Like he already did multiple times.

Arsenal v Crystal Palace

On Monday night, it was back to the Emirates Stadium for the 3rd time in 4 weeks, this time for Arsenal v Crystal Palace. I took my dad (Arsenal fan) and the missus (Palace fan who had to keep her mouth shut) and for the most part it was pretty rubbish! Arsenal got off to a good start and scored quickly, but then turned into my useless 5-a-side team that scored no goals and drew 0-0 in the losers play-off in a tournament at university. Arsenal simply couldn’t not keep the ball or stop the Palace players and it was 1-2 to them until there were mere seconds to go and Arsenal pulled it back 2-2. If anyone was looking up at the stands where we were sitting, they would’ve seen everyone jumping up and cheering except for my missus just sitting there with her head in her hands, giving herself away. A rubbish game overall, but the buzz of that last minute goal stopped too much feeling as everyone left.

And that’s about it. The rest of the week has been working, telly, Xbox. We finished Squid Game and I have to say overall it was great, but no one seems to be mentioning that the last 3 episodes were a bit cack due to obvious ‘twists’ and terrible American dialogue. I’d still recommend it though. Anyway, that’s your lot. Bye!

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