Friday Brain Dump 15 Oct 2021

Woah it’s been a while since the last brain dump! That’s because I’ve been very busy followed by very lazy, so let’s pick up where I left off and cover the past few weeks in chronological order. Don’t worry, Week 1 is quite long but weeks 2 and 3 aren’t. Go!

Week 1


I went to the Emirates stadium to watch Arsenal v Tottenham and what a fun day out it was – 3-0 up by half time and winning 3-1. I haven’t been somewhere with that many before since before the pandemic and when Arsenal scored the first goal the sound of the crowd, combining with jumping up and shouting myself, made me feel a bit dizzy! It’s been far too long trapped in the flat. Afterwards, we went to the pub and got pretty drunk. Over 10 years ago now, on a similar Sunday after a good Arsenal win, the same three men formed what we christened The Sunday Club and drank without a care in the world. Then the next day, one was a student so didn’t have to get up, the other called in sick and I was the only chump to go to work with a huge Monday morning hangover. We disbanded The Sunday Club via WhatsApp less than 24 hours after it was formed. But knowing I had the Monday (and the whole week) off, I didn’t care and drank like it was The Sunday Club again. Which lead to…


I laid on the sofa and played Xbox. I got my gamerscore to 200,000, if that means anything to you. That is all.


The reason I had the week off was that we were going to Kent for a road trip, a very 2021 holiday as we didn’t really want to go abroad with the world how it is. A road trip in a petrol crisis? Are you mad?! Well, we have a plug-in hybrid car, it had plenty of petrol and we can charge the battery whilst we go along, right? We started with a quick lunch in Whistable as we’ve been there quite a lot but we do like the Lobster Shack on the beach. We also had two failed attempts to charge the car as both chargers we tried were broken. Then we jetted off to Margate which seems to be closed on a Tuesday. That’s not a joke – a lot of the shops had Tuesday as their dedicated day off on the opening times in their locked doors so we weren’t in Margate for very long, but long enough to plug the car in to charge only to return and find it hadn’t charged. Wonderful. Then we stayed in Botany Bay where there wasn’t much to do but go between two pubs.

Successful car charges: 0/3


I got up and went for a very windy run along the cliff tops and then it was off to Broadstairs for some breakfast and a mooch around, a quick trip to Ramsgate which is a dump, lunch in Sandwich which was nice (yes of course I had a sandwich) and then off to Deal for the night we found a craft beer tap room and had a very nice dinner in a pub which was slightly marred by the missus finding the end of a piping bag in her desert! But overall, would recommend a trip to Deal.


We popped back into Deal in the morning so the missus could look at some shops and to charge the car, but the app required to charge the car messed up and it didn’t work. Then we went to Walmer Castle and popped into a little pub called the Zetland Arms tucked away in a corner of the beach for lunch, before heading off to our hotel in Hythe, to spend some time in their spa. We didn’t spend much time in the spa, because it was tiny and cack! The hotel had been bigging it up but a little swimming pool with some plastic patio chairs is not the height of luxury! The funny thing is, there are a lot of women on Instagram with well angled photos pretending it is. We had dinner in town in a Turkish place that had a very funny cocktail menu. I had to order the Silence of the Lambs (which turned out to be a very good cocktail!)

I am aware that this is photo is out of focus

Successful car charges: 0/4


On Friday, I got up for a very wet and windy run along the seafront and we popped back into Hythe so the missus could look at some shops and to charge the car which, you guessed it, was another failure because despite being the same brand of charger as the one on Thursday, this one didn’t charge using an app and needed a physical card instead that we don’t own. The UK is definitely not ready to embrace electric cars. Lucky we did have a lot of petrol to start off with!

Then it was off to Howlett’s Wildlife Park to meet up with my family. As my 40th and my dad’s 70th birthday were both in April during lockdown (and the missus was 40 in August), my sister had got us all an overnight stay and safari in Port Lympne Wildlife Park and it included free entry to their sister park, so we spent the day there trying to dodge rain and looking at animals. They have a lot of African elephants and I’ve never seen an African elephant in real life before, only Indian elephants. Those fuckers were huge! After checking out everything, we headed over to Port Lympne and hung out in their very fancy hotel. I’m going to have to come up with something good for my sister’s 40th.

Successful car charges: 0/5


On Saturday, it was up bright and early for our safari around the park, and Port Lympne is absolutely huge but we managed to get back before it started pissing down all day. My sister and brother-in-law had a gorilla feeding experience booked which we had to get to, but if you stayed in the hotel you got your own golf cart to drive around the park, so we spend the morning bombing around in the rain, which was very funny.

But it was raining a bit too much and we had seen a lot of animals in the past 24 hours, so we all decided to head some. We got back into time in watch Arsenal have a boring draw with Brighton, then watched Guns Akimbo on Amazon which is a very daft film and I highly recommend it. I admire Daniel Radcliffe’s dedication to making very silly films and trying to get away from being Harry Potter. The Silence of the Lambs was also on telly and I’ve never really seen it properly, so after having that cocktail earlier in the week I decided to stay up and watch it and it was another cracking film. And you know the infamous scene where Buffalo Bill tucks himself in? I really liked the music in that scene so looked it up and no for some reason every time I do something that makes music auto play on my phone, like start a workout or plug it into the car, it starts that song again, immediately making me think of that scene. Not ideal really.


Went for a run and played some Xbox. Oh and finally charged the car!

Week 2

Monday – Saturday

Apart from going to a funeral, I really did nothing this week except run, work, play Xbox and watch The Crossing on Amazon. Really, not much to report. The Crossing is about some time travelling refugees from the future coming back to our time and it was quite good but one of those series that got cancelled during it’s first season so ending up rushing to wrap itself up. You could tell there was some last minute filming changes because most of it was set in a forest in the summer and suddenly in the last episode the forest was covered in snow. One character blamed it on the time travel anomaly and they just cracked on like nothing had happened.


On Sunday I took part in a run where you had 1 hour to run as many laps outside the Emirates stadium as you can – each lap was set up as one mile. I completed 6 laps but I also set my own goal to run 10km in the hour, which I’ve never done before. I really had to push myself but managed it in 59:34! And the Buffalo Bill tucking himself in music came on halfway round, which was a nice mental image.

Week 3

Monday – Friday

Again, I really did nothing this week except run, work, play Xbox and started watching Squid Game. Back to the cycle of monotony already! I did go into the office yesterday for only the 3rd time this year and had a few beers after work, followed by a few more beers playing Xbox online with some friends from real life, so I’m bit hungover today.

But the few days away made a big difference to breaking up the endless cycle of being stuck in the flat and I’ve got plenty of things lined up over the next few weeks, so I’m in a much better headspace than in the last Brain Dump. I’ll tell you more next Friday. BYE!

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