Friday Brain Dump: 10 Sep 2021

What is the Friday Brain Dump? Well you know when you see a friend or your mum phones and they ask “What have you been up to then?” and you’ve either been working from home all week trapped in your tiny flat and can’t think of anything, or you have not seen the other person for so long that it is hard to think of anything specific?

Well I’ve decided to start writing things down. Not so I can just present them with the list and not speak to them, but more to give myself some time to reflect on the week and think about what I have actually done. So if someone does ask, I might have something in mind. Plus you know, it’s something to put on the blog outside of December. But as ever, we’ll see if I actually do this regularly.

So without further ado….

Park Run

I went to my first ever Park Run this week, with the missus. Since this whole COVID lockdown thing started, I’ve been doing quite a lot of running but that’s all been on my own, doing endless loops of the local park. So on Saturday, I did 3 loops of a different park! But with hundreds of people. And I finished a lot faster than I’m used to at previous 5km runs with other people. Instead of being overtaken by people in fancy dress or a blind guy led by his guide, I was overtaking people so it looks like running a few times a week for over year has finally yielded some improvement. I still don’t really like running though but it’s free and there’s no excuse for not doing it when you don’t commute any more.

Sambrooks Brewery

After the Park Run, we went to Sambrooks Brewery in Wandsworth. Well not right after, because it would’ve been 10am and we would’ve been all sweaty, but a few hours after at lunchtime. Sambrooks is a good brewery that focuses on making good old fashion beers, not hipster craft beer or piss weak lager. A nice place in between. Although obviously I am a hipster craft beer ponce.

We’ve been to Sambrooks before when they were based in Battersea Park, but this was a mini beer festival in their new brewery, on the site of the old Youngs brewery in Wandsworth. And now they also do great pizza along with great beer, so I definitely want to go back for the bottomless beer and pizza brunch. Which starts at 12. And involves pizza. And only lasts 90 minutes. So it’s not really brunch is it? Or bottomless at 90 minutes. It’s lunch. Just call it lunch. We all know when you say boozy brunch it’s about your chronic alcoholism you’re trying to make sound fun, not the Eggs Benedict you’re eating at 4pm. But I’ll forgive Sambrooks on this one, because I like them. They’re pushing their luck though.

Twelve Minutes

Only a completely different note, I played a new videogame this week called Twelve Minutes. You repeatedly play through a 12 minute time loop involving a man coming home from work for dinner with his wife in their apartment, but then bad things happen so you replay the 12 minutes and try to prevent the bad things with what you have learnt.

I don’t usually have the patience for time loop games. I love the idea, but just don’t get on with them but this one is a really simple premise that really draws you in, and I ended up spending about 6 hours playing it on Sunday! Even the missus got sucked in and watched. I thoroughly recommend it (it’s included on Xbox Game Pass, which is like Netflix for games), so I’m not giving you any spoilers, except this: when you find out how to stop the bad things from happening, they just keep leading to more bad things happening. And when I say bad, I mean really bad. Even I was quite shocked. And speaking of bad and shocking things…

Cursed Films

During the week I found out about the very bad thing that happened during the making of Twilight Zone: The Movie. The short version is that a helicopter accident killed some people, but it’s much worse than that if you want to read up on it. And I did read up on it, which lead me to reading about a documentary series called Cursed Films, which you can watch on Amazon if you have the Shudder horror channel. So I got a free Shudder trial to watch the series. Each episode is only 30 mins and there’s only 5 episodes, so we binged it on Friday night and found out more about the tragedies associated with The Exorcist, The Omen, Poltergeist, The Crow and, in the last episode, the Twilight Zone. And, unfortunately, when it got to the Twilight Zone they actual showed footage of the helicopter crash, with no warning whatsoever, and if you do know about the accident (or when you do read up on it after me teasing you like this), you’ll know why I really didn’t need to see that! It really bummed me out on Friday and quite a big chunk of Saturday (I kept talking about it in the brewery). Really, really horrible.

On the upside, we used the Shudder free trial during the week to watch Rogue, a giant killer crocodile film (we are fans of creature features in this house) and The Raid, which I have been wanting to watch for ages. I love films that are pretty much one long scene (Mad Max: Fury Road, Dredd, Snowpiercer just got added to Amazon and is next on my list) and Dredd is basically a rip off of The Raid because both involve fighting lots of criminals in a tower block, so I have wanted to watch it for ages and it didn’t disappoint. Great film. And it’s made me want to watch Dredd yet again.

AEW All Out

And let’s finish with some wrestling! I saved this until last so you can just go now if you want to. But on Sunday night it was All Elite Wrestling’s pay-per-view show All Out, and it was great! AEW are a relatively new wrestling company and are already pushing to challenge the dominance of WWE (or WWF if you’ve never thought about wrestling for 20 years like most people in their 40s). They are putting on consistently great shows at the moment. The crowd were amped up all the way through and it opened with some great wrestling and finished with some huge surprises that made me genuinely excited to watch more. Which is the complete opposite of WWE at the moment which has got really stale and boring, and I say that as a man who went to Wrestlemania just over two years ago. So if you do like wrestling and haven’t watched AEW, or used to like wrestling and are curious, give it a go. It’s on ITV4 and ITV Player so you can watch it for free.

Well, I assume every one gave up at the beginning of the wrestling bit but for someone who just worked at home all week and only really went out out once (running doesn’t count), it’s not like nothing happened. When my mum phones, I’ll talk about the wrestling and the horrible helicopter crash I witnessed.

Will there be another brain dump next week? We’ll see.

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