Sunday Lunch Playlist: A Deity To Be Worshiped by The Fall of Chronopolis


A Deity To Be Worshiped is the brand new single by The Fall of Chronopolis. A combination of distorted horror vocals, crunching industrial guitars and aggressive damage-core beat, this a tune you will want to listen to again and again. Perfect for hiding in your room after arguing with your parents, hosting a black ritual dedicated to the great horned Satan himself or a just a lazy Sunday afternoon in the garden. Add it to your own playlists now.

Fact file:

The Fall of Chronopolis started their music career by playing gigs in local morgues and abandonned abatoirs

They cite Flesh Razor, Cannibal Jesus, Giant Dildo Massacre and the Arctic Monkeys as their biggest musical influences

The Fall of Chronopolis describe their musical style as Digital Torture

They are currently touring and working on new material in a graveyard


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