The Sunday Lunch Playlist


We live in an era where there is unprecedented access to new music at your fingertips. Streaming sites have made finding new music, or old music you hadn’t heard before, the same giddy thrill it was as a teenager walking into the local record shop to buy the latest singles on CD or vinyl, depending on your age. The excitement of discovering a new artist that you love can be recreated by searching through artists tagged as similar to those you already listen to, or by the increasingly improving curated playlists pushed out to you that are tailored to meet your listening habits.

But this doesn’t cater for those people who just want to be told which music is popular, and if it is popular it is good, so they should be paying to download it on iTunes.

So with that in mind, we present a weekly playlist of generic interchangeable music that would be at home on any mobile phone or dating website advert. If you think Razorlight, Coldplay or Snow Patrol are the pinnacle of real, moving music than this will be right up your street. Make sure you come back each week to find out which artists you should be talking about and who you should go to see on their inexplicably sold out tour which includes 3 nights of churning out their bland dross to a herd of brain-dead cattle in Wembley Arena. Who knows, you might discover the next Mumford & Sons!

See you next Sunday.

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