Christmas Sandwiches Ranked and Rated!

Oh wait, you thought this was going to be all of this year’s Christmas sandwiches ranked and rated? You just got click-baited. And you won’t believe why!

I’m just generating hype for the first sandwich on the blog which will be reviewed THIS THURSDAY. It’s called viral marketing, look it up.

Anyway, just so you can’t accuse me of creating fake news, I have ranked some sandwiches. Here are 3 things we learned from 2015 2014 2013:

#1: Christmas Lunch by Greggs

#2: Christmas Lunch by Pret

#3: Turkey, bacon and cranberry by Waitrose

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Guess who’s back, back again

The 5th December is a dark day for many people in the UK, one approached with gloom and a somber mood. For it was on 5th December 2013 that they read the last ever Christmas Sandwich review on this pointless little blog, a blog that has remained dormant ever since…UNTIL TODAY! Yes that’s right people, the formally ironic but somehow slightly popular Christmas Sandwich Review blog is BACK.


But a lot has changed since 2013. For starters, I no longer work in the big city and work from home. This is one of the main reasons for the blog returning, as this week my girlfriend (sorry ladies) was horrified to come around my house and discover I hadn’t left the house or had a shower for 3 days. I thought I’d had a shower every day, but when I actually thought about it, I hadn’t. And then it dawned on me – this meant I had been wearing the same pants for 3 days! So now I will be sorting myself out and leaving the house to get a sandwich every day. Although on the Greggs trip I probably won’t bother as I don’t want to stand out.

Now I am working from home, I am based in a leafy east London/almost Essex/used to be Essex/shut up it’s not Essex suburb, where my sandwich choices will mainly be limited to supermarkets and, of course, two separate Greggs and two separate Coasta coffees. Goodbye Pret, goodbye EAT, goodbye my beloved Upper Crust.

So come back on the 1st December to find out what the first sandwich will be, because I’m not eating a Christmas sandwich in November as that would be mental.